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- Portrait Sessions -


Show off your special talents and let the world know who you are and what makes you unique.... whether its a sport that you love, modelling, pumping iron, driving that bike really really fast, or just a casual portrait shoot...we are sure to capture the essence of your human spirit.

* Typical Duration:  1.5 - 2.0 hours

* Locations: Multiple

* $450 Portrait Session... Includes $200 Product Credit


A great way to express your relationship with someone special.  Couples sessions are also excellent for those wanting to announce their engagement or an anniversary.  The most important element for these sessions is to be yourself and have fun with each other.

* Typical Duration: 1.5 - 2 hours

* Locations: Multiple

* $450 Portrait Session... Includes $200 Product Credit


Together we can make plans to create artwork that portrays the unique identity of your ever changing family.  Don’t miss out on preserving a chapter of your family’s story with an album of all your favorite images.

* Typical duration: 1.5 - 2 hours

* Locations: up to 2

* $550 portrait session... Includes $300 product credit


For large groups with portrait combinations of Large Group, Small Group, and Individuals.

* Typical Duration: 2.5 hours

* Locations: 1

* $650 portrait session.... Includes $300 product credit

- HS Senior Sessions -

Each senior session is an exclusive experience specifically tailored to your style & interests. Nick doesn't limit his sessions by time, allowing his vision and creativity to come to life through creative posing & lighting techniques... "I'm always trying something new to make your portrait experience fun and exciting!"  It's never a boring session… but there is always plenty of time to relax, just be you, & have some creative fun…


* $550

* 1 Outfit

*  1 Location

* Typical Duration: 1.5-2 hrs.

*  15 signature Edits

* Online Proof Gallery

* Includes $250 product credit



* 2 Outfits

*  2-3 Locations

* Typical Duration: 2-3 hrs.

* Up to 25 Signature edits

*Online Proof Gallery

* Includes $250 product credit



* Unlimited Outfits

 * 3+ Locations

* Typical Duration: 3-4 hrs.

* Up to 35 Signature edits

* Online Proof Gallery

* Includes $300 product credit


Nothing tells your story best, than capturing what you're passionate about in a unique & creative way !  Whether its a sport you play, cross fit training, body building, boxing, cos play, showing off that ink.... the skies the limit, it doesn't matter .... we will capture and create a customized timeless work of art that says... "This Is Me" !

* Typical Duration:  1 - 1.5 hours
* Location: Typically Studio
* $395: Portrait session, 16x20 Print, 2-8x10prints, Digital Copy

Decorate your home with beautiful portrait art of those you love most.
Please contact us for current products and pricing.

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